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“IoT Proximity Marketing brings the Revolution to enhance your customer interaction and productive exchange to guarantee profits.”

Proximity means that an IoT-enabled object reacts and changes according to your location. Adding another layer of contextual information to IoT-enabled objects gets them to serve you and your needs at the right place and the right time.

How It Works?

Proximity-based marketing is hyperlocal marketing in which you attract customers using their location to sell a brand's product or service.

Smart Connectivity

Monitors, Manage & optimizes the consumer's interaction in a meaningful way that influences the decision making.

Customer Magnet

It uses customers' Bluetooth-enabled mobile to attract the location where the beacon or proximity marketing technique is adjusted.

Automation Booster

IoT Beacon Tech accelerates business productivity by evaluating consumer behaviour to influence their mind towards your brand.

IoT Integrated Smart Buildings

“Monitoring, Management & optimizing the productivity of the business to maximize the work force functionality and swift ROI ratio.”

This tracking software is a great way to get an accurate location of a person within the facility. It provides various advantages such as locating people at construction sites, monitoring people at healthcare, managing employee productivity, tracking equipment, visitor access and monitoring, real-time attendance monitoring etc.

How It Works?

The wearable IoT can be customized to fit your company scale, people management and automated decision making in real-time monitoring.

Track Automation

IoT enables businesses to increase productive organizational challenges by managing human resources by automated tracking and monitoring staff/workers.

Real-Time Monitoring

The real-time monitoring streamlines the designated job, the time required and execution processes, implementation patterns of people to identify gaps and good practices to make productive solutions.

Productivity Management

IoT people management systems provide analytics of automatedly monitored networks that helps businesses to predict profitable and productive decisions.

Our Services

End to end solutions of Proximity Marketing & People Management


The best tool to enhance and influence customer experience for productive interaction.


IoT is a one-time investment that ensures rapid ROI with-profits.


Predictive analytics support rapid and accurate future planning


The automated feature of IoT is flexible for all sizes and future growth of your business


Digital integrated monitoring help people and task management for better productivity


Automation and monitoring help your business scale up with analytical decision making

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